19: Moving Forward with Imperfect Information

Moving Forward with Imperfect Information connects the discussions from other chapters about scientific uncertainties, monitoring deficiencies, and data challenges; summarizes the scope of what is known and not known about the region’s climate; outlines uncertainties that can impede adaptation to the impacts of climate change; and discusses climate models and scenarios of the future.


Averyt, K., L. D. Brekke, D. E. Busch, L. Kaatz, L. Welling, and E. H. Hartge. 2013. “Moving Forward with Imperfect Information.” In Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment, edited by G. Garfin, A. Jardine, R. Merideth, M. Black, and S. LeRoy, 436–461. A report by the Southwest Climate Alliance. Washington, DC: Island Press.

There is now more evidence and agreement among climate scientists about the physical climate and its impacts in the Southwest than ever before.
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